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Junior Division

Training: NCC Nepal provides 100 days training package in which 79 days is institutional training, given at the very location of the schools, whereas remaining 21 days is conducted annual camp. Languages, social, cultural, religious, geographical knowledge etc. and extracurricular activities are interchanged among the cadets who participate in the camp, which results fraternity among them. The training is conducted as follows;

(a) Institutional Training: This is the 79 days training given at the very location of schools which includes the basic military trainings. The main aim of this training is to produce a dutiful and disciplined citizen who is physically strong and mentally robust with good personality. Following trainings are provided in this session:

  • Physical Training
    • Aerobics
    • Mass PT
    • Taekwondo

  • Basic Military skills
    • Drill
    • Khukuri Drill
    • Field Craft/ Battle Craft
    • Map Reading

  • Disaster Management
    • Introduction of Disaster Management
    • Types of disaster prone to Nepal
    • Role of Volunteers during disaster response

(b) Annual Camp Phase: The annual camps are conducted in 3 locations Hattikhor of Nawalparasi, Kohalpur of Banke and Yangshila of Morang  for 21 days, which consists of following activities:


  • Physical Training
    • PT
    • Mass PT
    • Aerobics
    • Taekwondo

  • Basic Military skills
    • Drill
    • Khukuri Drill
    • FC/BC
    • Map reading

  • Disaster Management
    • Improvised  Swimming Aids
    • Search and Rescue
    • Combat Life Saver
    • Triage

  • Personality Development
    • Subject Matter Expert Guest lectures
    • Public Speaking
    • Motivational Briefing
    • Various Group Tasks

  • Cultural Competition
  • Inter Platoon Competition of various games and Military Skills

Importance of Junior Division Training:

  • Since the training is conducted to the teenagers(14 years and above), it helps not only in their physical and mental development but also increases their creative qualities and provides the knowledge regarding importance of social environment and strength of community.
  • The Junior Division Training is very effective among this age group as they are curious and highly interested to learn.
  • Promotes discipline in cadets.
  • Various activities performed in the training develop self confidence in the cadets.
  • Enrollment :The candidates should meet following criteria for the enrollment in the training :
    • Candidates should be the students from secondary level and must be minimum 14 years.
    • Minimum height for boys 5 ft. and for girls 4 ft. 10 inch, and the weight should be according to their height.
    • Suitable bearing of training.
    • Permission from their guardians is compulsory.
    • Must be medically fit and pass the medical examinations taken by medical team of NCC during selection.
    • The candidates must be regular students of concernedschool.

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